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Stephan Kotthaus

Foto: Stephan Kotthaus
Stephan Kotthaus

Stephan Kotthaus (EUROLTA)is German and has specialised in training  German and English
communication skills and English/German presentations in the commercial area.

In addition, he is in charge for translations and proof reading for German texts
as a native speaker.
Dani Kotthaus is in charge for proof reading of English texts as a native speaker.
Therefore, for both translation directions, proof reading by a native speaker is guaranteed.

Stephan Kotthaus has many years of international experience as a forwarder
in the field of logistics, IT and trade as well as many years of experience working abroad in
management positions and has an excellent command of the English language.

- practical experience in the most important commercial fields
- experience in translating technical texts and documents
- texts and documents in the field of transport/logistics
- experience in translating software applications
- experience in translating complex websites

Stephan Kotthaus will gladly support you at fairs, exhibitions, conferences and
international events or negotiations with international customers and suppliers.