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English in a different way

Are you put off by the traditional-style course or lesson?
Would you like to train and improve your English in a different way?
Just talk to us we have a lot of ideas for alternative options, such as.:

  • An organised visit to the English Theatre in Frankurt with relevant preparation for the actual performance.

  • English with a family, to spend a weekend with us in Hoesbach including a relevant English entertainment programme.

  • Organised visit to the cinema in Aschaffenburg or Frankfurt with corresponding preparation for the actual film.

  • Dinner in a cozy restaurant with English conversation.

  • Hiking in the Spessart with English conversation.

  • English support during exhibitions, fairs and events.

  • Sightseeing in the Rhine-Main area, visit interesting sites with an English speaking guide.

  • English speaking assistant on your trip.

  • Or do you have a specific idea on how you would like to improve your English?